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Love + Hate
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Brick and Blossom: the Pair

the Red Cap . the Pink Bow


Brick is the self-proclaimed leader of the Rowdyruff Boys. He is the counterpart of Blossom which means he is the exact opposite of her; evil and demanding. However, he does share some similarites with her. An example would be that they are both leaders of their group and often decide what battle strategies they will have to use when fighting. Upon his creation, his immediate task was to destroy the Powerpuff Girls. Brick had done most of the talking, such as introducing himself and his brothers as the Rowdyruff Boys. Physically, he is stronger than his counterpart, but he had lost the battle, when he suddenly got kissed by Blossom and exploded.

Later he was revived by HIM. This time he had the extra ability to resist Blossom's kisses. In other words, the more he was kissed, the stronger he got. For a while he and his brothers finally had their revenge on the girls, but again was easily defeated. This time it was the mocking of their masculinity, that got them defeated, but they did not explode like they did last time.

For the remainder of the series, he along with his brothers, are shown to cause daily mayhem around Townsville. Often times they will be fighting the girls, most of which ended up even or a serious lost.  


Blossom is often referred to as the smart one or in Buttercup's perspective, "Leader Girl". She is usually the most mature, calmest member of the group and greatly cherishes this ideal. Her perspective in battle reflects this as usually she is one that decides the orders. But, sometimes she is met with oppression from Buttercup, whom she has modest rivalry. Contradictory to this statement, Blossom still cares for her sisters and often treats them with motherly care. Although this "caring" can sometimes become real annoying, despite Blossom not realizing this.

Blossom seems to have a unique power called ice breath. With it she can freeze just about any object with a single blow. She was met with jealousy on some cases with this new power and therefore decided not to use it. But eventually after she did use it, she claimed it was all used up. However, throughtout the series it was still shown.

Blossom once displayed her dark side when she resorted to looting. She can also play a rock guitar.

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