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In case you are wondering, this is my world of various fiction works (most of them pairs) that are so not created by me. I am practically inlove with any pair that I would care to write, describe, or dedicate my pages to (hosted kindly at Yola). So as you can see I am every bit of a fan as you folks are...considering that you found this site afterall (lol).

As you explore you will find many interesting things here (you already know that most of them is pairings). These pairings come from a variety of works, that are not owned by me. But I just love the pairs and therefore want to make a lasting tribute on the web for all to see. In these dedications you will each find a brief biography (by this I mean big or small), a little hint of some evidence (by this I mean a lot, especially to the ones I currently like), and some works of fans that I found quite interesting around the web (this includes fanfics, fanvids, fanart, or links to some glorious fansites).

You might find one or many of them interesting or some which you would utterly be disgusted (we all have different opinion). In case you do find any of them disgusting or repulsive in your view, then I suggest you do not go further from the main page of each pair (you can find the main page of each pair under "Directory"). But...if you do love the pairs and the site can you please give me a comment of what you think of it so far? Or better yet - just advertise the site! (lol)

Hahaha...I'm crazy and getting a little bit carried away here. Not to worry though, you won't find my crazy attitude in the pairings. So enough of my mindless chattering and enjoy the site. Give me your love and reviews too!  

By the way most of the content here are perfectly safe and harmless, unless otherwise you will be warned.

See you around!


July 9, 2010

A little late on the updates today folks. That's because I had summer classes and basically had a breakdown. Anywho that is over. For today's updates here are the following:

  • Kohaku and Chihiro - fanart, fanfic, fanvid are all finished.
  • Bobby and Loor - fanart, fanfic, fanvid, are finished as well.


July 7, 2010

Bobby and Loor are finished. Now all that's left to do is to add the Fanworks between Kohaku and Chihiro and Bobby and Loor.


July 6, 2010

Luck is on our side today. I have added the last couple of scenes from the movie Spirited Away between Kohaku and Chihiro. Tomorrow Bobby and Loor will begin.


July 5, 2010

Today I have added the first seven scenes between Kohaku and Chihiro. With any luck I should be able to finish the whole evidence section by either today or tomorrow.


July 3, 2010

The following updates has been made today:

  • The Ikari Fanart is finally finished and ready to be viewed.
  • The Merthur Links are finally available.
  • Kohaku and Chihiro are finally added as a new couple to the site. The biographies are only available. More information on the pair will be available tomorrow.


July 2, 2010

As I promised, the Fanvids and Fanfics for Ikarishipping is finally available. If you look in the Fanvid page you will find that there are currently a total of five videos: Monster, You Spin Me Right Round, Monochroact PV, Paparazi, and Please Don't Leave Me. And if you look in the Fanfic page, you will find a total of eight fanfics. I will not list them here, as there are two many, but you are most welcome to take a look and read. Enjoy!


July 1, 2010

I have just discovered recently that there has been a mishap in the way I presented the Ikarishipping evidence. Every episode was out of order, so as you can see there is a new page. Aside from this I have successfully completed the Ikari evidence. Tomorrow the Fanworks for this pair will be administered.


Kohaku and Chihiro

The ever popular couple from the hit animation movie, Spirited Away. Remember the times when we watched the film and noticed how so many things could lead to the eventual relationship between Haku and Chihiro, but it never really happened? Miss thse times of pleasant memories? Well fear no more. In about a few weeks or so (after I'm done with Ikarishipping) be prepared to expect this couple from out of the blue! Trust me you will love this!


Paul and Dawn 

The third famous couple in all of Pokemon history, as it is widely accepted by most Poke (Ash and Misty) and Contest (May and Drew) shipping fans. You could say that Ikarishipping is a long shot, but to fans that love it, it is a likely possibility. Ever heard of the phrase "opposites attract"? Well if you know Paul and if you know Dawn, then you will believe that opposites really do attract.


Bobby and Loor 

From the series of Pendragon comes Bobby and Loor. Two people from seemingly different worlds that share a destiny: to stop the evil Saint Dane from taking over Halla. Along their individual journey they learn to trust and love. Will they conquer their quests and the desire of their hearts?

This shipping will be available after Haku and Chihiro. 















Jaden and Alexis

From the series known as Yugioh GX, comes Jaden and Alexis, two duelists that know their style and their game. While Alexis feelings for Jaden are mostly certain what of Jaden? Does he feel the same or is he still oblivious to her feelings as well as his? The only way is to find out and wait for this pair to be available!


 Robin and Raven

From the cartoon series, Teen Titans, comes Robin and Raven. Meet Robin, the mysterious leader of the Teen Titans, and Raven, the goth girl with powers she is able to control by her mind. As teammates the two understand each other and rarely get into a fight. Yet could this be love?




























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